Elea Africa

An experiential learning summer programme centered

on clarifying and debunking widely held misconceptions

about the African continent. 

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By the youth & for the youth.

 Africa   UNFOLDINg

Africa is not seen as a melting point for invention, diversity or bursting educational capacity, but rather as the global example for everything which could possibly go wrong in a continent. As leaders of tomorrow who will be at the forefront of development strategies that will impact the whole world, we ought to deconstruct such harmful misconceptions and make room for inclusivity. In this 14-day experiential learning programme, participants will travel and explore different aspects of countries in Africa through recreational, educational and community service-oriented activities.



Elea East Africa 2018

15th July - 28th July

Nairobi, Kenya

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


All of our facilitators have a keen interest in not only this programme, but the larger issues surrounding misconceptions about the African continent.



Matthew Spall

Teacher Facilitator

Audrey Chebet

Program Designer


Teacher Facilitator

APPLications open on the 15th of JAN, 2019!

We are accepting applications on a rolling application basis. 

    Open to:
  • 16-22 year olds (by the 8th of July, 2019)
  • Individuals who have any form of curiosity and knowledge  about East Africa or the African continent in general, and arewilling to have their knowledge challenged and ultimately  reformed.
  • This programme is not just limited to international students but welcomes students from Africa.


We will be expanding to the following

regions in the next four years.

Central Africa

DR Congo
Central African Republic